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This section is not yet in place.  The entire site really is undergoing varying stages of construction and improvement.

Incidentally, though - I will tell you that after some hiatus of a sort, and very slow progress, I intend to ramp up work on Sevkor in early 2017 to some degree, finishing it hopefully by Q3 of 2017, and I also have plans to reassemble Sehv T'devokan (my little Myst fangame) in an HTML5/WebGL web-embedded form using a new game engine, so everyone on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS should be able to play it fairly soon.

I know you are all impatient when it comes to my work on Uru, but the reality is that Myst fan art is pretty low on my list of priorities given the fact that I need to earn some sort of income and scrape together a career path as a freelancer and independent artist.
All that said, some of my non-Myst-related work is going fantastically well lately and I am hopeful that, barring a catastrophic turn of events, I might be able to assist in reviving my Myst fan projects and maybe, just maybe, that could make a meaningful difference for the fan community.

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