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Myst Online Uru Live again fan ages


Are these ages Cyan-sanctioned?Not really. The original plan for Sevkor had some Cyan-approved elements but since the fan nexus has taken over that role, the project is more free to be a bit more experimental and independent. Sevkor will be a hub for the four other ages in the project but no longer serves as a hub to all fan ages. It is no longer official and in many of these cases no FCAL even exists, I'm following Cyan's posted fan art guidelines here but they have never replied in any way to any of my FCAL stuff over the years so I'm not holding my breath on that.

Is Karkadann involved? No. I won't ask him to do anything here. The release of Korman has changed things; I've gotten up to speed with the tutorials for it and am working on this alone. I've reworked Sevkor in Blender and baked the lighting separately this time, done things as the Guild of Writers members have advised, and I've learned a lot from past errors. At some cost and effort I managed to recover 99% of the Sevkor assets, and since then have reworked most of that to bring it up to good standards. And lately all of my data is being backed up in the cloud, so this shouldn't happen again.

What's the deal with Nay'elas? Sort of like Nay'eleh concept by Solar Shine? It started off inspired by that concept but then veered off a bit from it. It's my own thing now, though there is some resemblance in some aspects.

Eder Vikae? Again, loosely based on old prototype 'Vika' concepts by Cyan, but elaborated and taken in a somewhat new direction.

D'ni Temple? You already released that. This is D'ni Temple areas one, two and three all chained together into one large age. And yeah, I have been thoroughly rebuilding Area One just like I am doing with Sevkor, changing a lot as I go but... it's absolutely still recognizable.

How big are these ages? Sevkor's moderately extensive, D'ni Temple too. The other three are more limited in terms of explorable regions, but they are still all at least Delin-sized.

What about Sehv T'devokan? I made that tiny fangame in 2004 initially and am remaking it in full realtime 3D using Unity for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It's still a smallish game but there is a bit of new stuff in this version. The original [bug ridden] old version made with Adventure Maker is accessible through this download link.

How do you have time for all this? It's a challenge. But it's already partially done. I went fairly quiet on what I was doing after 2014 and this is something that was in slow but consistent development during that time. [2014-2017]. Incidentally, you may also be curious about my proposed Myst fan film. The information about that is available here.

[EDIT: It - data loss - happened. Again. I and my parents moved to Pennsylvania a few months ago, the move was July-August 2018, and there was a span where I had either no good internet or some inaccessible data, and some of the project data on this and many other things got lost temporarily but is now [mostly] recovered and back in position. I cannot say the same for every single non-Myst-related project, some are seriously damaged, but overall, approx. 93% of my data is intact including virtually all of the fan art stuff. I am now past my release target, things have been stuck largely in a holding pattern since July, due partly to the move to a new state (I'm in Pennsylvania now, not Texas) I've had some emotional meltdowns and issues with depression, anxiety, frustration with the reality that I've lost five months' worth of work across a dozen or so different projects, in general, maybe more, some of it is actually essentially irreplaceable. And it now seems that the [fan art] project not only won't reach the 'September 2018' target but in fact may not be ready until early 2019. I'm thinking some of the content will be posted in January/February 2019, and more later on, likely all of it by May 2019. Just because I'm late on this does not mean it's dead. But I have felt a bit discouraged for a while. Now I'm redoubling my efforts as of January 2019, it's a new year and I need to try to make something work out in my life finally. I am tired of doing $2/hr transcription and data entry gigs and I have a few 'irons in the fire' at this time which I cannot describe here (due to the non-profit status of this fansite) but suffice it to say that things are moving forward in a potentially encouraging way, and while it's a ton of work I am nowhere near giving up at this time.

Because a lot of time has passed, and many of you are asking if anything's actually happening... well, yes, largely due to the improvements in Adam Johnson's outstanding toolset (Korman) which is allowing me to output my ages to Uru:CC and test them, and which also could potentially output them for MOULa or, more realistically, just a few fan shards such as Gehn shard, Deep Island Shard, etc.

Here's a bit of evidence, of part of what I'm working on. This is the age 'Alepahnay' and I will post more screenshots of the other handful of ages that are also near completion, a new bit of preview material every two or three days during the next week or two. And then? Maybe by end of January you'll see finished polished versions of these ages actually downloadable on this site. (Yes, actual age download links! By the end of January 2019 or early February! *Note that actually loading & exploring said ages involves setting up a copy of Uru: Complete Chronicles, and Drizzle + Offline KI from the Guild of Writers.) So yes, finally the quiet behind-the-scenes work will result in some big stuff happening. That intermittent effort from 2014 onwards, will culminate in a pretty nifty fan-made Uru expansion pack. So bookmark this page - things are starting to happen in a big way!

Incidentally, there are other things set to happen by March-April 2019. If that goes really well, and the fanbase is excited and doesn't dismiss me when I make my next series of moves, you may yet see me make a Myst fanfilm of rather impressive scope with some 10-20% fraction of my income for 2019. I've got a contingency plan for a smaller condensed version of the story (67 mins. length and $1800 budget) as well as a full feature length variant (95 mins. long, $2500 budget) and we'll see if either actually can be funded in time for a shoot circa summer of this year. Either scenario is a very long shot, super unlikely - but if my career takes off dramatically this year as I hope it will, this is what I'd like to do to give back to my supporters in the Myst fanbase who will have played a role in making that surge of personal success happen.

And if it doesn't, at least there will be fan ages, and a remake of Sehv T'devokan by May 2019, plus a Unity-version of the fan ages as well so you can explore them in a *modern* game engine with minimal barriers to entry. So you could just download the Unity package, and immediately play it. No series of prerequisites, and maybe a good way to showcase not only my art but a way to draw some attention to all things 'Myst' a bit more?

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