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MYST III: EXILE was the third game in the Myst series and was the first Myst title not developed by Cyan.

The developers behind Myst 3 were the (now defunct) Presto Studios, and they made the game with Cyan only present in a supporting/consulting role.  
Notable in the new dev team was Jack Wall, a now-prolific, bordering on legendary, game music composer credited on a long list of major hit titles like Starcraft 2 and Portal 2, and here he created some really epic and dramatic orchestral tracks.

The third Myst makes an effort to reclaim many of the structural design ideas of Myst - a lot of smaller worlds, highly varied, with every puzzle contained within a limited area instead of spread out all over the place.  The visuals are beautiful if slightly less credibly grounded than Riven's.

Image result for myst 3 amateria
Myst 3 is generally somewhat easier than Riven, although still not 'easy' by mainstream standards - and manages to acheive a lot of visual detail and imagination without really approaching Riven's depth of worldbuilding.

Narratively, it isn't flawless in concept or execution - but actor Brad Dourif generally makes the story work, as he does well as a complex villain who players can see as both sympathetic and threatening.
The game is still low resolution graphics wise and still pre-rendered but in a 360-degree panoramic format, an incremental step up from Myst and Riven in interface design.


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