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The Myst fanbase is small - core active fans seem to number in the tens of thousands, not millions, but as a group we are highly creative, largely because of the aesthetic inspiration this series has given us.

Some notable fan projects in recent memory include the work of fan age creators in the Guild of Writers, such as Tweek [Keith Lord], Whilyam, Karkadann and Hoikas [Adam Johnson] (and myself, among others) trying to set fan content in motion for Uru. Other fan projects include RIUM+ and his 'real' Myst book, which contains a linking panel that is actually a small video screen tied into a compact PC system all built into the book, with every Myst game installed and playable on that screen, inside that book. There's a tabletop RPG called Unwritten, which caused a bit of a stir. And of course the ultimate fan project is the Starry Expanse project by 59 volt entertainment, which aims to recreate Riven in full realtime 3D. And that just scratches the surface - there are many paintings, costumes, props, music tracks, fan fiction, and other works created by fans that are inspired by this series. The image below gives a hint of some of what various Myst-fans have made:

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