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MYST IV: REVELATION is the other non-Cyan developed game besides Myst III.

Released in 2004, it has somewhat higher resolution, same panoramic interface as Myst 3, and the worlds are beautifully detail-rich and wondrous to explore.  The graphics are the main thing going for this entry in the series; the audio is good if somewhat predictable, but arguably not on par with what Jack Wall did before this on Myst III.

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Sadly, Myst IV has massive story weaknesses (what specifically was the revelation we were supposed to be wowed by?) and the flaws in the story are worsened by bad FMV acting all over, and although there's more character performance here than in any of the first three Myst games, it's not very good quality.

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It also doesn't help that some of the timed puzzles, especially a certain bug-ridden one in Spire, leave almost no margin for error and can be incredibly frustrating to execute fast enough, even once you've figured out the solution.

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